The War Is Over

The war is over. We’ve lost the fight. We struggle no more.

We go our whole lives searching for the one that completes us. We long for the link that is missing and pray for the reason to make sense of all this. But the only thing for certain is a love between two distant worlds is forbidden. We heave from silencing the passion that bears within our chest. Our hands shake from pulling away from our desires. Our lips parched from the secrets that drains us barren. And then he spoke.

His words struck so powerful that it severed the law that divides us.

“I’m falling for you…”

My confession of identical feelings ignited destiny to rewrite it’s plans. What once was a dead end now has a future. What used to be a lost cause is now filled with purpose. To think about the lives we had to touch, the ones we had to lose, the steps we had to take, and all the choices and sacrifices we had to make throughout our entire life led us to this very moment. The present is a gift. The butterfly effect was good to us.

The choices we make today will pave the journey for tomorrow. Only fools can tell what the future hold. But come what may, united we will stand.

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