The End Of Summer

As you all know, Romeo has a delayed reaction to things. I’m sitting here at my dining table, sippin’ on some chocolate strawberry milkshake and really facing the reality that summer has ended yesterday. This summer have been a blast, but in a very unfamiliar grown up way. There’s been less time spent at the bars this summer, more quality time spent with the ones I love and most importantly: time spent with myself. Highlights of spectacular events of the summer (but not limited to) were: My emancipation, dislocating my knee on my own birthday, skydiving, giving Sister away at her wedding, and closing the summer with an impromptu trip to Reno. What’s this Reno trip you ask of? Well, let me tell you.

On Friday, September 17th: I left work early and attended Clark’s house party. I arrived pretty early because I had a different engagement to make. I was literally the only person there. I met a couple of his roommates. One of them made sushi. One other person showed up named Michael. As much as I would have loved to stay, I had a date to attend to.

I headed off to the Sheraton to meet up with Jimmy. When he arrived earlier in the day, I told him to go hit happy hour until I got off work. Apparently, he got a little carried away. He was plastered drunk when I arrived. That when I knew the date was pretty much off and we weren’t going anywhere. After I had enough of him asking me, “So how was work…” and “We can get a bottle of vodka and drink…” I thought to myself, “Well, there goes getting my hopes up. Let’s get this over with.” We got off and I left even though he asked me to stay.

I picked up the phone and dialed Timineri while going down the elevator. “So, Reno?” My suitcase was already packed and ready to go out of town. Timineri mentioned earlier in the week that he wanted to go see the Air Race in Reno. I met him at his place and we promptly left to Reno on a whim. We had a conversation about travel, life, and enjoyed Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” When we arrived to the city with casinos and sky high buildings that illuminates the night, there were limited options for hotels. Everywhere was pretty much occupied because of the Air Race. We ended up getting a VIP suite at Circus Circus. After we showered and got into our party clothes, we took a cab to hit the scene. I guess clubbing and bars do not close in Reno. The first place we went to had only women. It was a cute small place. Barely anybody was there, but it was a good start for alcohol. After a couple drinks, we headed off to a Club 5 Star. That’s when all the fun started to happen.

When we walked in, we got ourselves some drinks. Timineri was insistent that he buys me this beautiful artwork displayed on the wall of a man’s chest and abs. It would have went beautifully in my living room. However, I decided against it. Timineri came up to a guy and ratted me out that I think he’s cute. The guy name is Christian. Apparently, he’s in the army. After flirting back and forth, a girl turned around and said, “OMG! I love your hair.” The night took off from there. Her name is Mahsa. Mahsah turned out to have the same birthday as me and introduced me to a beautiful little girl named Michelle. Who then introduced me to their handsome friend William, who’s a Scorpio. We danced the night away. I can’t even remember how many drinks I had. While waiting for a cab, Will picked me up, sat me on his lap and we ended up making out.

Timineri then directed the driving to a place called, “Steve’s.” I was all like, “Who’s Steve?” He brought me to a sex club and it was my first time. It was pretty tamed. Only a couple of unattractive men were there. Timineri showed me a tour of the place and as we walked into this room we heard out of nowhere, “Sacramento!” We looked up and it was Christian from the bar sitting with another guy. What a small world. I was telling him that it was my first time at a sex club ever. Then Timineri and I left to walk around. Timineri and I split up and I ran into Christian again. He was alone this time. He says, “BTW… the guy that was sitting next to me earlier… I have no clue who he is. I met him here and he’s really pushy about getting it on, but he’s not my type.”

“Oh? And what is your type?”

He looked at me in the eyes and said, “You…”

I changed the subject. “So, I dated military men all my life. They either are quick to settle down or distant and detached. Which one are you?”

Disappointingly he replied, “I’m definitely detached kinda guy…”

This gorgeous soldier with built body and hot tattoos on his arm could have been a prospective. See? There I go again! Always trying to find my next husband (even while standing in the hallway of a sex club). While getting to know each other, the creepy guy came up to us and just stood there next to us for a while. We went to my room for a little privacy. We talked for a bit and really got to know each other. Most of his family are in Reno. He just got back from Iraq. Then next thing you know it, our lips met. One thing led to another and I was inside him. I fucked him multiple ways and probably for multiple hours. After we were done, he laid on my chest while I held him for a while. I don’t know how much time has passed, but I realized I haven’t seen Timineri for a while. So I decided to go look for him. When I opened my door, across my room was his and his door was opened with the light on. He was laying there fully dressed. “OMG! Took you forever!” he complained.

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” I said.

“I wasn’t sure if you were in there, but then after I heard you yelled ‘Oh! Fuck! Oh! Fuck Yeah!’ that’s when I knew you were in there.”

“OMG! He was such a good fuck!”

“Well, I didn’t even get any. And you fucked him with a condom right?”

I responded sarcastically, “Of course I did!” as I shifted my eyes back and forth!

“Billy! I can’t believe you! Are you nutts?!”

“It as an accident! We just got carried away in the heat of the moment!”

We checked out while Timineri continued to school me about not using a condom. He then looked at his phone and said, “OMG! Don’t even look at what time it is!” Of course, I looked. Holy shit! The time was 6:30AM!!! We have been up 24HRs. Our goal was to wake at 6AM to get ready for the Air Race. We decided to head back to the hotel, take a shower, go eat our complimentary breakfast and head out to the Air Race without sleeping. And we did just that.

The Air Race was fun. We got to see a lot of plane displayed. I must have shot a million loads in my pants without touching myself seeing all those men in uniform walking around. Air Force, Navy, Army… you name it! We got to see the air crafts raced. Then we’ve seen an acrobatic air show by the Canadians. We even paid a guy to make me a dog tag, but we forgot to come back to pick it up. After the Air Race we headed home.

The moral of the story is to not pay $300 on a VIP suite and spend only 20 minutes in it and to always come back for your dog tag!

Until the next adventure, good night!

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