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It’d been a while since my last post and the primary reason why is I’d been working hard to redesign and develop ModernRomeo.net. As many of you know, when ModernRomeo.net evolves so does major events in my life. Recently, there has been many positive changes that hopefully will continue as we approach Winter and into a new year.

Bare with me as I recap events from this past month. In the month of October, I’d been spending more and more time in San Francisco for various reasons. October 1st, Timineri and I headed out to San Francisco because Tsui asked us to help him with the San Francisco Gay Asian Male (SFGAM) booth for Castro Street Fair. Timineri booked two hotel for the weekend. Initially, Marriott hotel was supposed to be the only one for us, however, he has befriended a prospective love interest in someone and that person was trying to find a room at the Marriott because their exam for medical school was being held there. Timineri felt that the Marriott was more important to him than to us, so he suggested that new friend of his should stay at the Marriott and Timineri booked the Travel Lodge for us. Clearly, my only concern was (and has always been) that Timineri doesn’t know how to express his interest in someone other than getting them things, however, he’s a grown man and is subtly getting better. We arrived that Friday night, checked into our hotels and met Tsui out at Badlands to head to dinner. When we walked in Timineri was approached by a million Asians like flies to a rotten fruit and I was bummed rushed by a drunken ex: Leasure. Tsui, Timineri, Leasure, new friend: Lynne and I headed to over Osaka for sushi. All Leasure did was hysterically laughed, made fun of me and tried to have me convince Lynne that he’s a great guy. He went back and forth between wanting to get with Lynne and turning around telling me how he loves me and that I have “great skin!” over and over throughout the night. After dinner I made Skip go home instead of going out with us because he didn’t need anymore alcohol. Tsui took us to Trigger for the very first time and he got us into the VIP balcony. It was great, however, there was lack of space and dance floor. We then headed over back to Badlands and got drunk. We stumbled back to our Travel Lodge and crashed.

Saturday, October 2nd: Timineri and I pretty much spent the Saturday to ourselves. It was nice. Wee had Dim Sum at City View. My! My! It’s absolutely delicious. We frequent that place for dim sum every time we’re in the City. After Dim Sum we decided to go back to the Marriott and take a nap before going out shopping. I wanted to get new underwear to prance around in while modeling for SFGAM. Instead of taking a nap, we ended up cuddling over the movie: Salt. Salt was not Jolie’s best work. Timineri then decided to order champagne to celebrate his new friend’s completion of his exam. After champagne we went off to the bars, got drunk and bought underwear for me. Timineri ended up with a new gorgeous Skagen watch and a CK pendent necklace. We’d hit every bar on Castro. Badlands, Mix, Edge, Daddy’s, 440, Moby Dick, and Toad Hall. We even ended up at a porn shop and I bought an arm band as Timineri bought toys.

Sunday, October 3rd: We woke early and headed to Castro Street Fair to meet Tsui at the SFGAM booth. SFGAM objective was to sign up 300 new members for their social networking website. My objective was to stand around in my underwear and I did just that. After Castro, we headed home early since my new shift starts on Monday at 4AM.

My new 4AM shift took a little getting used to, however, it has been very swell. I’m a morning person anyways and love getting up early.

Friday, October 8th: Timineri and I decided to spend the weekend anywhere but Sacramento. I specifically wanted to be out of Sacramento for that weekend because October 9th is the 3rd year anniversary of my dear friend, Rob’s passing. Friday night we went out and got drunk as hell. I took shots after shots after shots of alcohol. Timineri found some Asian and left me at the bar. I was so drunk that I couldn’t remember some guy that Timineri tried to hook me up with earlier and made an ass out of myself. Took a cab back to the hotel, cried my eyeballs out missing Rob before I passed out.

Saturday, Oct 9th: Timineri and I decided to head to Castro to do the appetizer crawl. Basically, hit as many restaurants as possible and sample their appetizers. We first headed to Cafe Mistique. We share crab cakes and hummus. It was quite decent. Next stop was Nirvana. Timineri had to go to the bathroom as I waited. I was leaning out the window, looking out to he already busy Castro.

A guy came up to me, pointed at my face and said, “I know you!”

I responded, “No you don’t… I don’t even live here.”

At the same time, a lady walked up and asked, “Do you guys make coffee to go?” Which I had to break her heart and told her that I didn’t work there.

I then continued the conversation with the stranger, “So you’re cute!” I immediately couldn’t believe I just said that.

He smiled and moved on like I never said it, “Oh! I know! You’re that underwear guy! I know you from the Castro Street Fair. My name is Kevin, what’s your name?”

“I’m Billy,” I responded.

Our conversation was short and he had to swiftly move since the time for his parking meter was out. He handed me his card and we decided to keep in touch. Not too long after I had a request on Facebook from him. Timineri came out of the restroom and we ordered the sampler which included samosas, egg rolls, ribs and dumplings. After we were done eating, we headed over for me to buy some new undies and went off to bar hop. We were shooting some pool and Timineri tried to hook me up with some random Italian jock named Markus. I must admit, he was a stud, but the first thing out of his mouth was, “I’m very kinky. Would like to get to know you better.” My response was, “How about we get to know each other better.” We talked and got to know each other better over a battle of pool. Turns out he’s also a Cancer. We finished a whole game of pool and exchanged numbers. That was pretty much the extent of it.

Sunday, October 10th: I invited Kevin to Dim Sum, but he had to work. So it was just Timineri and I that enjoyed City View. Then Timineri decided we should take a cab to Fleet Week and look at all the men in uniform. I was drooling and wanted photos with the uniformed men, but Timineri refused to be my anchor man. When then spent the next two hours trying to find a cab. We did not realized that there would be a shortage on cabs during Fleet Week. After finally grabbing a cab, it was time for us to go home.

Throughout the work week, all I’ve done was go back and forth through text messages, emails and even a phone call with Kevin. We decided to give it a shot and get to know each other better. But not before a fantastic Maroon 5 and One Republic concert, courtesy of Do.

Friday, October 15th: We all met at Timineri’s house. Do had extra tickets to the show and wondered if Timineri and I would like to come. I jumped on that like rice on potatoes! I’m the biggest fan of Maroon 5 and One Republic ever! We were introduced to Do’s awesome friend, Claudia. Claudia and I danced all night at the concert. It was amazing.

Saturday October 16th: I woke up early, washed the car, groomed and headed out to San Francisco to meet up with Kevin at his place. When I arrived, Kevin fixed me latte and home made delicious pancake. I’m not usually a fan of pancakes, but dear Buddha they were pretty amazing pancakes. He put all sorts of yummy healthy stuff in it like nuts, dried strawberries and Lord knows what. I wished I wouldn’t have drank so much of his yummy latte otherwise I would’ve loaded more on his pancakes. After breakfast we laid down, cuddle and rest. It was very nice and intimate to just rest. Nothing fancy, just honest, and I really liked that. We woke up and he took me for a ride on his Vespa to have pho before Open Studio. The pho was pretty decent. I told him I’d take him to the best pho house ever when he visits. The we trotted off to Open Studios. He fancy one of the artist named, Phillip Hua. I must admit, he’s very talented. We visited other artist’s open studio also. It was very fun. I’ve always fancied art, but never have been a part of such an open studio event. After open studio, we headed to the store and picked up wine and stuff to make meatloaf, guac and chips for dinner. We were still too full so we made guac and chips and enjoyed it with wine instead. I finally met his roomate towards the end of the night. What an eerie little Japanese guy. We stayed up pretty late for the both of us, especially me. All I remember is passing out until we woke each other up.

Sunday, October 16th: We cuddled in each other’s arms at the early break of dawn. Then we got up super early at 7AM to go to one of his favorite breakfast place. By the time we parked and got there, there was a huge line of people waiting outside. Instead of waiting, we went to a breakfast cafe called Brenda’s which has a New Orleans style menu. We were the first there and already a line started to form behind us. Breakfast was amazing. Kevin got this shrimp omelet and I got an amazing catfish eggs benedict. Timineri would love that place. Getting to know each other breakfast was an amazing feeling. We talked about our past, families, and even what we dream of doing in the future. After breakfast we then headed home and took another nap. We woke up and talked forever. We talked about “us” and everything in between. He’s concerned about age difference as I’m concerned about the distance. He’s looking after his own heart and I get it. He’s pretty torn, but I also got some scars of my own. But until he says, “We’re better off as friends…” I’m not going to give up. No matter how we try to fight it and make excuses, it’s evident that there’s something that has drawn us together. All I’ve been doing for the past two years was give up and giving up is too easy. There’s something about Kevin that makes me want to try harder. It may work out and it might not, I’m willing to be patient to find out either way. Rome was not built in one day.

After cuddling, we headed off to more Open Studios and today was even more fun and we were more all over each in public like a couple than the day before. I like how we’re able to pull away and give each other space when appropriate. I trotted off and admired some art on one end of the room as he walks off to admire art on the other side of the room, but we always end up joining each other hand-in-hand walking out together and talked about what we liked and didn’t like. Sometimes we agree, sometimes our tastes differ (and I really like that). I learned a lot from him by just watching his reaction and his subtle facial expressions as he looks at a piece of art. He doesn’t spend too much time on a particular piece, analyze it and dissects it like me (even the ones he really like). Instead, there’s an explosion of short lasting instant gratification like a little child to a new toy. I stood back to watch and listen as he network with other artists, sometimes beside him, sometimes from a distance, but never do I lose sight of him.

After Open Studio we headed off to Costco to pick up a few things. Came home starving while he fixed us meatloaf, salad with mustard vinaigrette and red skinned potatoes. It was all absolutely delicious! I scarfed up dinner like it was no tomorrow! After dinner we started moving things around his house and staged his Open Studio for next weekend. What a wonderful bonding experience. His neighbor Rene came over and hung out for a little bit before I had to head home. She was so rad and hilarious. She kept on trying to get us to head out to Trigger to dance with her. While driving home I thought, “The good thing about taking chances is not about knowing the outcome, but being open to the possibilities.”

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