Out Of Commission

*Sniff Sniff* Ugh! I’d been a bum all day today. That and coughing and sneezing my brains out. Stupid Bowser got me sick! Before we get into that, let’s back track and let me catch you up.

So I’d been trippin’ about Clay and how I was passive about being interested in him. From the last posting, I was feeling a little crazy girl. However, the next day, sure enough he called. We had a very nice conversation after I got out of the gym until I asked him what his sign is and he told me he’s an Aquarius. For those of you that don’t know, Aquarius and Cancer is not a match. All that crazy-girlness for nothing.

On Wednesday, September 8th: Bowser called me after I had dim sum with Sister to hang out. He recently went through a loss and it’s something that bonded us even more. I’m very picky about people and of all else, straight people! I picked him up and when he got into the car he was sniffing like he was sick. Bowser and I headed to the outlets in Vacaville so he can drown his pain in buying shoes. I attempted to find things that I do not need to purchase, however, nothing fits! We walked around forever and he ended up buying some red Nike’s shoes, bracelets and a rosary. When we were done with the outlets, we went to work to turn in our shift bids. I pray that I get a good shift with a good boss. After leaving that wretched place, we went back to my place for a night of pizza, booz, and marathon of Buffy The Vampire Slayer! I woke up the next day with a headache, my body was hurting and I had the sniffles. I called into work informing them that I won’t make it in while we finished off the rest of the pizza and continued watching Buffy. We slummed around until nearly 2PM until I took him home.

I finished cleaning my house to make room for the Rodgers’ visit! Rasheada informed me that she’ll be in town with Will and baby Teresa to visit family and wondered if they could stay for a few days. They didn’t even have to ask. I was so excited! I haven’t seen them in a little over one year. I made them a set of keys for them to keep so if they ever needed to come into town they’re always welcome to stay. They arrived around 9PM to my place. We stayed up late watching cartoons while Teresa terrorizes the place. It was so much fun! I slept on the couch while they slept on my bed.

I woke up today not feeling any better so I went to the doctor. My doctor wrote me a note excusing me for the next three days. I came home and took a quick nap. Then I pretty much bummed around the house until I couldn’t stand being hungry anymore and headed to Hoa Viet for pho. It did somewhat made me feel better even though I didn’t have an appetite. I ate everything in my bowl! I came home to watch The Last Song. It wasn’t as good as I was hoping it’d be. Not very romantic and not the best acting either. Then I headed off to Walmart to pick up prescriptions and a bottle of sparkling cider to mix with orange juice for virgin mimosas since Rasheada is pregnant. On my way out to Walmart, there was a man that was making balloon animals for donations to benefit the disabled children. I donated spare change. I stashed a bunch of beer in the fridge for Will so it’d be nice and cold before they get home.

Tomorrow, I have to attend the newlywed’s BBQ with Timineri and Duncan at 1PM. Then we have to make it to Acuesa’s farewell party in Marysville. I hope I get better tomorrow for all the socializing. The Rodgers are home! Time to hangout!

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