Month 2 Completed

Hey folks!

Month 2 of my weight training is officially completed as of today! There’s so many things to celebrate about. I went to the gym and I hopped on the scale for laughs while waiting for my training. I certainly laughed, but it was over the over excitement that I gained 1 more pound of muscle. Amazing! What a way to finish off the month. 3 lbs. of lean muscle mass gain in 2 months! Not so bad. 7 lbs. left to go by Jan.

We trained biceps and triceps today. We had a super good workout. The focus and intensity was very high. Training to the point of failure is no longer acceptable this stage in the game, we now push beyond the point of failure. I’m now stronger, leaner, harder so it’s a whole different ball game.

Nieman tweaked my diet effective immediately. I’m now adding 1 more yolk of egg to my breakfast to get the good fats in me. In addition to that, adding 3/4 of avacado to my dinner to keep me filled with the good fats to continue to recover and build.

We also walked over to Max Muscle and had a nice long conversation with nutritionist, Kris and right-fitted me into adding a new supplement to my current “stack.” Photo results of month two taken by Nieman in the locker room today is displayed in the headline banner.

It’s time for bed. Over and out!

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