Cloud 9

Hey folks,

I hope you guys are enjoying the new website. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback. I’ve been on cloud 9 lately since I’ve met Kevin. I’m not sure why they call it cloud 9 and quite frankly, I don’t even know what it means. All I know is that cloud 9 is a good thing. Is it a drug? LOL

So here’s how my last weekend went. On Friday, October 15th: I got off work early and went to have lunch with Timineri and his boss, Muscle Belly. We call him Muscle Belly because he’s muscly all over, but he has a little belly. Then we headed off to San Francisco to join Tsui for the Asian Film Festival. Yes, that would be mean that I can cross #21 off my Bucket List. We first checked into Timineri’s hotel at the Marriott then met Tsui and other SFGAM members at Dosa Bar. I met so many cool people (half the people I can’t even remember their names). However, I particularly fancy Koha and Kato. After a drink, we headed to New People theater for a spectacular Taiwanese film, Monga. I hate foreign films because it’s so distracting to read subtitles, but it was such a breath taking film. After the film, we all went to Arang Korean Restaurant for dinner. Lordy, it was amazing food. After dinner I took a cab to Kevin’s house (which was right around the corner). We couldn’t stop kissing or keep our hands off each other. We called it a night since it was a long day for the both of us.

Saturday, October 16th: Kevin and I woke up early. He made me those homemade almond lattes of his before we needed to rush to run errands for his Open Studios. His Open Studios starts at 11AM. It’s currently 8AM. Can we get everything done before then? Read on as the plot thickens! We rushed off like Odie and Garfield to the hardware store to pick up string to tie up some balloons, a big board to make a sign and then went to Costco to pick up booz, brownies and baguette for the bruschetta. Well, it was 11AM and not everything was quite done yet, but it started raining and traffic was slow. Only one guy briefly stopped in and then Kevin’s neighbor, John (I believe) came over for a bit as I helped get everything ready. By the time I got things ready, people started showing up. I played bartender and made screw drivers, bloody marys and poured wine up the wazoo. Then came two lovely familiar faces, Khoa and Kato. They’re starting to grow on me. Timineri finally arrived with Vince. Not too long after we had to go check out of the hotel, drive to Tsui’s house, then head out to Rocket Fish sushi restaurant. The food and presentation was exceptional. Our server was very attentive. It was a HUGE crowd of SFGAM members that joined for dinner. There was Jonathon, Khoa, Kato, Ron, Calvin and a bunch of other folks. After dinner we headed out to Asian American Theater Company for a comedy show. It was a great comedy show, but by 8PM, my body was making me fall asleep. I fell asleep twice and we were front row. After the comedy club we headed to Club Shangri La and partied all night long. Partying, drinking, dancing with all the boys: Khoa, Kato, Tsui, Jonathon was a blast. Tsui got so wasted drunk. We took a cab back to Tsui’s place and he drunkingly made us noodles. Tsui got heart-to-heart with Timineri and me before we all crashed to bed.

Tsui and I woke the next day early. Sunday, October 17th: Tsui and I had yogurt and tea as we deeply talk. We always wake early and have our lovely talks when I stay over. Then we swapped pictures from our memory cards and went through the weekend’s evidence. We woke Timineri up and met Jonathan at City View for dim sum before we headed over to Kevin’s last day of his Open Studios event. When we arrived there was a lot of people already there. Tsui got to meet Kevin finally. We left around 4PM to head back to Sacramento.

Today was a light work day for me. I left early and went to Cares Clinic to get my routine HIV test. I tested negative as expected.

Kevin and I are doing well so far. Everybody joke that he made it past five days. There’s some truth to that joke. He might be a keeper. Only time will tell. I’m coming up to see him Friday night. We’re going to be making homemade pizza. Saturday, we have a birthday party to attend. Then I’m taking him back to Sacramento Saturday evening. We plan to have sushi at Midori and then watch scary movies! Sunday, I plan on taking him on a romantic tour of midtown. One of the stops I want to make is to the Butch & Nellie’s coffee shop. Then he plan on leaving back to SF on Monday.

I like being on this cloud 9 thing!

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