Boom Boom Pow

Howdy modern folks!

So many things to talk about! Let’s start off with bad news first. I woke up this morning and got into a car accident. No, not right when I woke up. I decided to go to the gym because I couldn’t sleep any longer. I was quite pissed to find that Timineri’s trick’s car was blocking mine in the drive way. I took Timineri’s keys so I could leave with his car. I thought I had enough clearance when I backed out, but I suppose not when I head the loud boom boom pow scraping noise. I knew I fucked up, so there wasn’t a whole lot else I could do besides continue to go to the gym. No point in making matters worse by waking them up over a scrape.

I returned and worked on until they woke. I went down to meet the kid. I typically don’t like the people Timineri bring home, but he was a nice kid. I’m sure my guilt persuaded me to think so about him. I came clean and told them what happened. It was an accident and I would pay for the deductible anyways. I certainly felt bad about what has happened, but clearly it was unintentional. I actually felt even more bad when the kid told us that the car is in his dad’s name. Knowing how Asian parents are, I started to actually fear for the kid, hoping his dad isn’t a douche.

Homo-Sushi came to pick me up for lunch. We originally headed to Shoki II for ramen. However, after an excessive wait, we decided to go to my usual Hokkaido noodle house. Homo-Sushi loved it and we scarfed everything down. We finished off with tempera green tea ice cream. Oh how I love my “cheat days”!

There were many things that I discussed with him during our slurping lunch session. One of which was the topic of my past relationship with Barton. I did confess to him that Barton has sent me several packages and one of which arrived several days ago, however, I have yet to open any of them. I don’t know when I ever will. I truly just don’t want to face it, deal with it, address it. I explained to him how I deal with any kind of loss, is like ignore it as if nothing ever happens. I go on about my life as if I’m not affected, but it translates into doing everyday things to an extreme. For example, gym has turned into an obsessive body building marathon.

Tomorrow will be week two of month three. I’m very exciting because supplements will be added and routines will be changing. The fitness manager mentioned to me last week while we were in the bathroom, “Your body is changing!”

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