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Today was a long day at work, but at least it went smoothly. I couldn’t wait ’till I hit the gym to pump some iron. I hopped on the scale to see where I was at. I gained .4 Lbs. It’s a very subtly gain, but anything is better than nothing. So I’m currently at 126.4 Lbs.

Today was back day and I hate back days. I think out of all the muscle groups, the back is the toughest for me to work out. Obviously, it stems from my back problems. However, we were able to increase weights and keep it within the 90 Lbs. to 110 Lbs. range. Not too bad for a fucked up back! There was one back exercise that my trainer had me completely stopped because he did a pulse check to see how my back felt and I told him I felt some “strain.” He told me he didn’t like the sound of that and there’s “plenty of other exercises we could do.” That’s why I love the guy, always safety first.

He will be starting me on a new product next week and this should help me “blow up.” I’m getting more and more obsessed about my body. Everyday I look forward to bulking up and out-doing myself the day before. I haven’t been this obsessed about my body since working at Club Exhale. This time: I’m locked & loaded. Faster… Better… Stronger!

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