24th Birthday Week Celebration

Wow, what an incredible birthday week! It started out Friday, July 9th. During the day I went shopping. I ended up with a sexy Guess shirts and shoes from Burlington’s. I then made my way over to Arden Mall since I heard a new Buckle opened up there. After countless shirts I tried on, I ended up getting only one. Then I went over to Mains’ house to pick him up. We headed over to Timineri’s house. We sat around and watched “Locked Up” on TV while he gets ready. We packed ourselves into a cab and headed out to the Merc to meet people. Lordy, so many people came. There was Bowers, Owen, Davis, Davies, Long, Norris, Torres, Watson, Rohrer, Mains, Duncan and of course the birthday boys. Torres bought me a HUGE “shot” that was a full glass size. I chugged it in one gulp! I drank so damn much. Then we migrated to Badlands. We drank and danced our ass off. I even got on the box for the first time since New Year. Lady Gaga “Telephone” started playing so I grabbed Owen on the dance floor. We started dancing and no more than one min into the song, someone’s knee hit my knee at wrong angle and I felt it popped. I immediately knew my knee got dislocated and my surroundings immediately turned a green shade. I was so disorientated from the pain. I hunched over and leaned into Owen. A boy next to us asked if I was ok and Owen thought I was just drunk so he said “Oh it’s Billy’s birthday and he’s just fucked up. Give him a second and he’ll be fine.” Then pain was so overwhelming I couldn’t spit out the words that my knee got dislocated. When they realized that I wasn’t sick, they carried me halfway out the dance floor. Then the boy handed me off to Rohrer and Owen on the other side of me. They both carried me to the front. Torres, who’s a medic in the army, came over and said “Relax…” As he checked me out. After feeling around he says, “Your knee is dislocated…” And I was all like, “No shit!” And as he was feeling around, the pain got too intense. He then kept saying, “Look at me Billy. Don’t look anywhere else. Just look at me!” Next thing I know it, I felt popping twice in my knee. Torres popped my knee back into place and I was able to move it again. I was so relieved. He told me to still go to the ER just to make sure I haven’t torn any ligaments. Torres said I didn’t need to call the ambulance and for the girls to drive me to the ER. Then Ceballos came by and started saying I need the ambulance and that “I’m a nurse!” and Torres stood up and argued back, “No he doesn’t! I’m a medic!” After all the arguing back and forth I said “I will get into the car with girls so they can take me to the ER!” We had Blackstone call Timineri and I told him what happened. Timineri said, “You’re not skydiving tomorrow.” The girls drove me to the ER and we parked in front. I refused to go in and told them that I’m good. I was more worried about the fact that Timineri would not let me skydive. They said, “You’re not good, but if you can show us you can walk without limping then we’ll take you back.” Of course, we were all drunk. So I faked it and pretended it didn’t hurt as I strut for them. “A deal is a deal. We’ll take you back,” they said. We got back to the club and I lied to Timineri telling him, “Oh yeah! They checked me in, then they checked me out. They said I’m good to skydive tomorrow.” Timineri was pretty drunk so he said, “Ok…” Timineri and I hopped into a cab and made our way back to his place. We drunk called this guy that he’s kinda seeing. Then I woke up the next day early, headed to my place to shower and change.

Saturday, July 10th: Duncan and I met at Timineri’s. We had to wake him up for an early brunch. After brunch we had a little more time so we headed home and all cuddled and talked about stupid stuff. …Hold that thought. I’m getting a call from Roger that I must answer. …Ok, And I’m back! Who’s Roger you ask? I will explain in a moment, but let me finish telling you about my past week. So after the three of us cuddled for a bit, we headed out to conquer the sky. We initially settled on 13,000 ft. jump, but Timineri said, “Let’s do 18,000 ft. jump! If you’re gonna jump, then let’s JUMP…” Duncan and I looked at each other and made a split second consideration, “Let’s do it!” The “class” was odd. We sat in this room with just the three of us. The instructor, who according to Timineri and Duncan keeps licking his upper tooth because his gums were bleeding, turned on the TV. A long bearded man basically says something to the effect that if you crash and survive, you can’t sue. If you die, your loved ones can’t sue either. After the class, we waited for a very long time until we were called to get suited into our gear. I think the waiting was most dreadful. Everything happened very fast after we got suited. We each had our own tandem jumper and videographer. When we reached 10K ft., we were required to have oxygen mask. When we reached 18K ft. I was the first to show them how it’s done! When we jumped, we initially did a 360 degree flip (which normally isn’t supposed o happen). The initial jump was insane. My ears plugged up and I’m cursing in the air. My videographer even high fived me in the air. Then it was time for me to pull the cord to deploy the parachute. I had a little frisk action goin’ on, I pulled the cord, the parachute deployed and there was a rough sudden yank. My tandem jumper took control for little. We no longer were free falling and everything just came to a crawl. We were suspended in midair and my tandem jumper gave us a 360 degrees view. The horizon was so beautiful. I looked up, down and all around. The world looked so much smaller. I felt like for moment, I’m finally just away from it all. And from that far away, everybody looks the same. And then I wondered: Is this how God sees us from up here? My thought was interrupted when he made us spiral downward for a few seconds. It was totally fun. We seen Timineri from the distance below and was going to catch up and say hi, but they too decided to spiral rapidly downward. It was an insane ride. When I landed that was when #86 was crossed off my bucket list. Ever since, so many have asked if I was going to do it again. I considered it, but I want to keep this memory precious.

After skydiving, I sat at the bar while waiting for our edited videos and bought a shot glass which came with a shot of my choice (I chose tequila). Then we were starving so we headed to this sushi place in Davis called Sushi Unlimited. It looked retarded from the outside, but inside it was decent. The sushi was very good and the server gave us a very good dining experience. What’s memorable was the appetizer: Black and White. It was made from slices of seared fatty tuna in ponzu sauce, topped with jalapenos and black masago. I would love to go there again. We then headed to Acuesa’s summer party. We got drunk as hell. I woke up the next day in Timineri’s bed in his house. I somehow ended up in someone else’s underwear. I was looking all over for my underwear, but it was nowhere to be found. Apparently, I fell asleep on Acuesa’s couch, Timineri and Duncan threw me in the car to drive us home, but forgot to bring along my wet underwear since I was swimming in it all day. So that’s how I ended up wearing Duncan’s undies.

The next day, Sunday, July 11th, it was Timineri’s official birthday. I relaxed as much as I could. Then at 7PM I headed out to Badlands to pick up Duncan and Timineri for our birthday dinner celebration at Mikuni’s. They already got started on the beer. When I walked out to the patio, Timineri was standing next to a guy that I went on a date with a couple days prior and some Asian guy. They were caught in a conversation. As we were walking to the car, I told Timineri that I went on a date with the Lawyer guy a couple days prior. Timineri informed me that the guy have been partnered with the Asian guy for years and that they’re in an open relationship. I said, “But he told me he was single…” Timineri said, “Nope. I even been to their house.” And people wonder why I hate men. Regardless, many friends showed up at Mikuni’s. We had a great dinner. Timineri and I did sake bombs! The video taken seems like it was a tie, but in actuality I won! Timineri then asked the server to bring some kind of cake out and put candles on it. They brought out a HUGE cheesecake with “Happy Birthday Tom” on it. We were all like, “Who’s Tom?!” Apparently, the server thought we were joking. We ate the delicious cake. Timineri was sneaky enough to pay for the whole dinner himself. It was like $300 bucks! Then the three of us got to spin the wheel since it was out birthdays. I won a glow stick. Duncan won a bag of rice. Timineri won a box of mints.

The next day, Monday, July 12th, Parker flew in from LA for the actual day of my birthday. He headed straight from the airport to my place, picked me up, we got some munchies from La Bou before heading out to Placerville for wine tasting. The place was beautiful and we tried everything on the wine list. Our host was absolutely amazing and she gave us one of my best wine tasting experience. Parker got me a bottle of my favorite wine there which was the Mourvedre. It’s blended with 20% Merlot and 4% Zinfandel. We sat on the deck of the winery, enjoyed the Petite Sirah, cheese and crackers and our snacks from La Bou. By the time we got back, it was dinner time. I took Parker to one of my favorite Chinese restaurant in the world: Jumbo. We both scarfed up our dinner.

Tuesday, July 13th: The morning sun woke me up early and after tossing the idea back and forth in my head, I decided to take a drive to Yosemite. After such an insane week of celebration, alone time was much needed. It wasn’t really anything special besides I needed to get away. I ran into Cherry and Dempsey who I used to work with. They’re such great people. I did a little hiking with my shirt off. I also of course, bought a new shot glass like I do every year and also a bottle of Yosemite wine to add to my wine collection.

Wendsday, July 14th: All I did was just lounge around and was lazy all day. I did absolutely nothing besides thinking and reflecting. I’m so blessed with all these amazing people in my life. I’ve had a hard life, but I’m so lucky. This is how it should be. The good should outweigh the bad. The only thing that I really wished is if Vining, Rogers and Vasquez could’ve been present for the celebration. Vining was not able to make it because he had prior family engagement and he had to work overtime. Vasquez planned on coming out, but was unfortunately unable to make it. Rogers obviously has family and work obligations. However, I did tell them, there’s always next year!

That pretty much concludes my adventure. Oh! Yeah… Hunter… Well… The only thing I’m going to spill right now is he works for NASA! More to come!

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