Note To Douche Bags

Today was a trialing day as far as work went. I woke up still feeling like shit from being sick all weekend. However, by midday I was starting to feel better. I left the office early because I thought my head was going to explode. I rest for a bit before I headed to the studio.

Shawn and I press the heavy weights today and we tore my chest apart! My chest is certainly tighter, fuller, and more engaged. We had discussions about competitions since there are a lot of competing body builders that trains at the studio. He told me that I would qualify to compete for Men’s Body Building Physique. Physique is not pro heavy weight body building contest, but it certainly is entry level in competing. It’s quite self explanatory. You’re judged on your physique as opposed to the massive meat and veins popping out of your body. I tossed it around in my head for fun, but I want to achieve my goals in January before I consider competing for anything. Besides, just because I would technically qualify, don’t mean that I have what it takes to win or go up against the big dogs who have been training all their life. Certainly, it will probably triple the work, weights, supplements, food to be locked, loaded and ready for a competition. I don’t want to jump into anything until I know what it’s going to take to win. Otherwise, why compete at all? Ambition without knowledge is like a boat on dry land. The idea of competing is entertaining, but it feels good to know that I actually qualify for something!

So it looks like this year Timineri and I will be at Tsui’s for Thanksgiving again. I will be crashing at Timineri’s new place and Yoshi is coming along with during this trip. Since it’s last minute, I don’t have anyone to look after Yoshi for a couple of days. It’ll be his first trip to the city. He’s so excited!

Not a whole lot went on this weekend besides recover from being under the weather and catching up on chores. All I dealt with was just assholes and flakes. I’d been talking to a few guys and most of them have been hitting me up either for friendships or possibility of dating and they all are flakes one after another. They either can’t set a date to meet in stone or set a meeting with me then stop responding. Note to all you douche bags: “Man up and don’t waste my fuckin’ time!”

Happy Holidays!

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