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Sensai Romeo

So like today was my first day as a mentor/coach. My new rep that I’m responsible for is Jeana. She’s actually an excellent rep. Apparently, my supervisor messed up my schedule. She told me to come in at 2:30 today but I was supposed to come in at 1:30. So for the next three weeks my new schedule is going to be 1:30.

I really had a great time training today. I listen to her take calls for two hours then she listen to me take calls for two hours. So it’s a trade off every two hours. Sammy asked if I wanted to promote into being a trainer. I told him I might like to do it only for the next three weeks but I don’t think I want to promote into it. I make more than the trainers. They only get a 20% increase in salary, but they don’t get paid overtime. Ehhh… Well see in three weeks lol

I met Sammy’s friend Alta today. She came over to hangout today. She’s so awesome and beautiful. I love her.

Well, I don’t have much more to say. I’m going to go make a shopping list. Bye guys *waves*

Chillin’ Like A Villan

Today was GREAT! It was very laid back and relaxing. Sammy and I spent the entire day around the house. We woke up and helped cleaned the house. He did the bathrooms while I vacuumed (I think that’s how you spell it). Then we spend the entire day relaxing. I watered Cerberus, did some laundry and copied movies all day. Wow, the day was so relaxing and mellow, I barely remember what happened today.

Phi and Manny came today to use Sammy’s truck to move their washer and dryer. They recently moved… closer to my dad. Let’s not even get into that subject.

Arrrggg… Tomorrow I’mma have to dress up for work. Well, for the next three weeks I’m going to be a mentor for the new hires. I’m responsible for one rep for the next three weeks *rolls eyes* So I’m going to have to be on my best behavior and not teach the new rep my bad habits. Currently, I have Thursdays/Saturdays off. But starting tomorrow for the next three weeks I’ll have Wednesdays/Thursdays off. Starting Oct 1st I’ll have Saturdays/Sundays off. Woo-hoo!

There’s not much to say about today, but I thought I’d just post.


The “About Me” and “Wishlist” sections of the website have been updated. Coming attractions… Photos. Stay tuned! LOL

Awkward Silence

So like I feel like writing something here, but I don’t really have much to write about. But I guess it’s my blog so I can write just about anything even if it’s just an awkward silence.

……… *awkward silence*

OH! Like good news… Well for Sammy at least. I just got my shift bid for work and I’m still going to close, but I will have Saturdays and Sundays off. So Sammy and I would have more time together starting Oct 1st. Yay! I love him so much and lately we’ve been working opposing hours so we haven’t had much time together. But it’s getting better and better. I’m just glad I’m with such a wonderful person like him.

………. *ponders*

The car is great. I love it. I’m trying to convince Sammy to paint it silver but no luck yet. *conspires*

I’ve been waking up early lately because sleeping in all day isn’t that great. I’m getting disgustingly obsessed so I’m trying to incorporate exercise in my day. So far I’m taking a billion miles walk downtown.

Well I don’t have much else that’s exciting and I gotta get back to work. Sooooo..

*awkward silence*

*runs away*

Phi Is Out

OMFG! My cousin Phi is outta jail. It was unexpected. I was the last to know and yet, I am most happy. I grew up with Don ad Phi. Phi went to jail when he was 15 after getting caught in a shoot out. He’s a good kid though. Many would disagree given his history, but many also don’t know him like I do. He’s currently staying with his dad. Uncle is trying to secure a job for him and a car. I must take on the responsibility to help and care for my little cousin given the fact that I am the oldest male in the blood line. It is a duty that I cannot neglect or dishonor.

I took him to lunch the other day. It was the first that I’ve seen him in five years. He’s gotten bigger. His body is filled with tattoos. Exhaustion and confusion brushes his face. So much has changed about Phi, but yet everything seems the same.

Phi met Sammy for the first time yesterday. They got along very well. It’s enough that Phi have to deal with after coming out, I’m surprise he was able to take the news that I’m gay let alone meet my lover.

Don is moving back very soon to Sacramento. Word on the street is that he’s coming back Sept 14. I am very happy that Don, Phi and I will be united once again. Denny will not be coming until another year. I truly am hoping for all of us to move in together in our own house sometime in the very near future.

Last night Sammy and I bought one out of our two dressers. I put it together today and he helped a little. It’s so cute! Sammy and I got to spend more time than usual this week so it was very nice and special.

I also tagged along while Sammy was photographing a wedding and I can’t wait ’till that’s us someday. Lauren also took some pictures of us so hopefully we should be getting that soon so all of you guys can see.

Well I’m at work and I need to defecate. Bye guys!

New Civic

OMG! I’d been like majorly busy. I haven’t had time to write or do anything at all besides work, work, work and more work. Nothing too eciting besides the fact that Sammy and I moved in with our friends Wendy and Robert in Orangevale. I also finally bought a new car yesterday.Woot! I got a 2005 Honda Civic LX Sedan. I luuurrrvvv it so much. I’ve been accustomed to Civics all my life.

Yesterday, I hung out with my buddy Don. It was fun. We met at coffee shop, Butch & Nellie’s. We sat there like forever making fun of people. Especially a REALLY weird daddyish guy that sat right behind me and gave me “the look”. We were all like “uh… noooo”. LOL Then we went to the park. Sat on a bench, made fun of more people and Don started dying on me. His nose started gushing blood and I was all like “uhhh… I think you’re dying”. Turns out, his nose is just really sensitive because he’s taking a crappy ass flonase wannabe.

Then Sammy and I went to pick up my crappy ass old Saturn that we left at the dealership two days ago. We then went to his moms so she can see the new car. I had fun there. I love the family, but I hate going there because one his mom totally smothers me all the time, two they’re so far, and most importantly three they’re always bitchin’ at each other for something. But I always enjoy my time there.

So how does everybody like the new website? I like there layout. It says a lot about what I’ve been through in the past year… basically, coming to terms with what I lost, appreciating what I have and finding serenity in things that I cannot change.

Well… I’mma go downtown for a walk. See ya guys!


OMG! Finally I’m finished with the new website. I hope you everybody likes it. The comments section is also fixed (I think). For the longest time comments wasn’t working and I got like 500 billion emails telling me to fix it but I was too lazy. If there’s anything wrong with the site let me know! I actually have a billion things to do today, but I will post later tonight.

One But Not The Same

I woke up out of a dream this morning. I can’t remember what the dream was but it was quite upsetting. It was 10:45am. I decided it is quite late to be sleeping in, if I wanted to get out of bed then there’s no better time than the present.

I received a call from Sammy while I was half awake. Then I went to the bathroom. Mario called and I couldn’t get to it in time. I called him back and he didn’t pick up. We played phone tag back and forth for a bit until we finally got a hold of each other. We had a nice little chat. Apparently, Paco is back and he didn’t feel the same as he, or anyone else for that matter, thought he would. He was head over heels in love with Paco and just the other week he tells me some day they’ll be together forever. Paco came back from New York, they had a long discussion and Mario realized nothing’s the same anymore. Amazing how life turns out, huh?

I then made my way down to you know where, doing you know what? Of course, Butch and Nellie’s coffee shop. I sat there for a while working on the website and stuff and all of a sudden their wireless internet died so I was forced to go back home early.

Sammy’s sister, Stacey called while I was driving home. We had a great conversation about deformed men raping the shit out of women in The Hills Have Eyes big grin Then she told me that she’s going to give Sammy and me a flat screen TV. Holy fuck a duck! I love my sister-in-law. Actually, her husband Jon Paul is going to get it for us because I guess he works with those equipment and his boss is going to give him one. They rock! Woot!

After Sammy came home, we went to meet Stacey over mom’s place for dinner. We had swiss steak, veggies and mash potatoes. Then mom, Sammy and I watched “I Heart Huckabees” and that was one weird, stupid ass movie. It made sense, but then it didn’t make sense. Mom hated it. Throughout the movie she was all like WTF?!!! WTF?!! WTF?!!! LOL

Sammy was falling asleep so I drove home. He slept instantly when he got in the car. As I was driving home, I noticed all these cars zooming on by and I realized that I’m doing the speed limit. I’ve been doing the speed limit since we got the new car. I started to think to myself: “Am I doing the speed limit because I got a new car?” or “Am I doing the speed limit because I’m slowing down and realizing that I’m no longer alone?” I think I’m more family oriented now more than I have ever been. I think subconsciously I’m realizing that the things that I do don’t affect just me, but also Sammy… My lover, my life, my partner.

Like beat sand to red clay, NYC to LA, from side walks to highways, like Yin to Yang, Sammy and I are not the same, but we are one… We are whole. He makes me a better person. He brings out the best in me.

Well… That’s all for tonight folks.