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One Misstep

I’d been so much on cloud 9 lately that I haven’t had the chance to blog. However, as of right now, I’m in pain. I did something very wrong this past Saturday and I’m really ashamed of it. I hurt the very person that I care so deeply about and …

Cloud 9

I hope you guys are enjoying the new website. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback. I’ve been on cloud 9 lately since I’ve met Kevin. I’m not sure why they call it cloud 9 and quite frankly, I don’t even know what it means. All I know is that cloud 9 is a good thing. Is it a drug?


It’d been a while since my last post and the primary reason why is I’d been working hard to redesign and develop As many of you know, when evolves so does major events in my life. Recently, there has been many positive changes that hopefully will continue as we approach Winter and into a new year.