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Interesting Day Off

*Sighs* So many things to say, but I don’t know where to start. Well, I completed adding new photos and videos. I added photos from what’s been going on within the past month. Hope you guys enjoy!

Failure To Launch

Hey crew! So much to update you guys on. I woke up early today from a good night rest. I put on some Origin’s Never A Dull Moment face mask for the first time, stuck a Sandillon in my mouth (Mexican lollipop), and now sitting on the toilet. I figured, this would be the best time to get my thoughts out.

Shocking! Isn’t It?

Amazing how much excitement can happen since my last posting. Well first off, Gung Hay Fat Choi!!! Chinese New Years kick off started yesterday. I have decided to fast from meat since yesterday until Feb 16th. Being vegetarian is a bitch! However, Sala Thai down the street makes amazing vegetarian. …

People Like You

Thank you for blessing me with the most caring, loving, understanding, and selfless family: Timineri, Vining, Wilson, Vasquez and my lovely Sister. Thank you for all the friends that would take me days to list and name.

Survived An Accident

Fuck! Shit! Damn! Mother fucking cunt guzzling donkey! Now that that’s out of the way, let me start with how my day went. I started the day with having lunch with my new friend Diana. She’s such a fun person. She’s like a little sister to me. We went for sushi at Mizu in Natomas. It was absolutely delicious. Afterward I went around the little shopping center to pick up some v-neck shirts that were on sale.

Possibly Tamed

Oh my Buddha! I can’t believe it’d been this long since I’d posted anything. I tend to pull the Superman act (sometimes way too much). However, it was much needed. All this time off has given me the chance to get my shit together. Let me first get the highly anticipated news answered and out of the way. Has the wild Romeo been tamed?


Hey Modern fellers! I’m so sorry I haven’t been keeping up on my writing. Bad Romeo! However, standby for juicy updates, videos, photos and more! Food for thought: After all this mad serial dating, could Romeo now be tamed? Stay tuned to find out!


I do not smoke. “If I don’t inhale then it doesn’t count,” I keep telling people (the rare times that I do). I’m sitting here in my bedroom, closing my eyes ever so often in the dark and I could hear the noise of drunken laughter in the hot twilight …


Ugh! Where to begin. On Saturday, I walked out to my driveway to go to work and found the window to my car smashed… yet again. This time, they didn’t take anything because there was nothing in it. It costed me another hundred bucks to get it replaced. Daddy Mike wanted me to come up that night, but he wanted to me to meet him in the Castro to party, with my car broken into it was a buzz kill, so I decided not to come up that night.

Hide Away

I’m sitting at Butch ‘N Nellie’s coffee shop on a surprisingly bright day (given the temperature drop within the past few days in Sacramento). I have my earphone wired to my ear as Pandora shuffles from song to song, to the left of me a cute boy keeps on looking in my direction and whispers about me to his fag hag thinking that I can’t see him in the corner of my eye or hear him. It’d been an interesting past couple of weeks. I’ll continue to give you a breakdown of what’s been going on.