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Technical Difficulties

Bless Buddha for internet connection. I have been M.I.A., but this time I have a legitimate excuse. So remember how I talked about my wireless card died and Dell replaced it? Yes, it died again. Although, this time Dell replaced the wireless card, the mother board and the antenna. The issue still persists where my computer does not find wireless in range. When it does pick up wireless in range (for like 30 seconds), I can’t connect to it. It’s very intermittent that I could sustain a stable connection.

4 Years Later

I’m looking around this apartment for a cigarette so I can take a drag for inspiration before writing this blog. No, I’m not a smoker… And yes, I know there are no cigarettes in my own apartment, but I look nevertheless. It’s 5:20PM. About time I open up the blinds to shed some light into this day. If I had a cigarette I’d take a drag right about now before continuing with this thought. However, a sip of sweet tea would have to do. There’s a cool breeze today that makes it bearable to stand out on the balcony to think. I recently bought bamboo mats for the deck and it feels nice.

Post Emancipation

Lordy have I been busy. Are you ready for the details of my emancipation? It’d been nearly a week after the house warming party and I’m still trying to figure out what all really happened (that’s when you know it was a great party). Almost everybody was there.

Time Apart To Grow Together

Hope all is well. I have just read the most pleasant posting from Timineri’s blog in a very long time. It seems things are starting to look up for him and I’m happy of that. I’d been thinking about him more and more lately. We don’t hang out every single day like we used to, but I think it’s because we don’t use each other or the bars as crutches to solve our own issues anymore.

Alcoholic Corner

Well… Well… Well… Sorry guys. I know I’ve been missing in action, but can you blame me? This living on your own thing is exciting, but also time and wallet consuming. All I’ve been doing is work, go home, clean, laundry, decorate, cook and then the day is over. I bought a shelf where I originally was going to store wine, but I will also be storing other alcohols in it too. I’d been decorating the entry way with an alcohol shelf and turning it into a whole display.

Day 4

Morning everyone! I spent three days in my apartment already and I’m starting day 4. Schlagel came over Monday night to check out the new place. He even brought champagne! We went to Love Letters and it was his first time being there. Of course, we had chicken and pizza.

I Got The Keys

I’m just catching you guys up on what’s going on. Vining’s internet is currently down so I’m composing this in Notepad to post at a later time. Boo, Comcast!

Countdown To Emancipation

There was sunlight all day today! Yall know what that means right? Summer is coming! Woot! I can’t wait ’till it’s here so I can slut around in bikini swimsuits and grace midtown with my shirt off. So many things to tell you. First of all, I’d been sick. Every time I’m sick I joke that I have HIV. So that means that it’s a reminder to get tested soon!

Shelly’s Birthday Bash

Ugh! It’s midnight and I really need to go to bed. However, I wanted to make an entry before I fall behind. On Thursday, it was day one of Shelly’s birthday bash. We went to Sand Bar (which I keep on calling Sand Box).

Margarita Madness

I’m going to try to make this quick as I am falling fast. It’s nearly midnight and I’m so exhausted. On Saturday I went into the office at 7AM. I almost committed suicide. I’m glad that I didn’t because I wouldn’t be able to tell you what I’m going to tell you: I almost got arrested!