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One But Not The Same

I woke up out of a dream this morning. I can’t remember what the dream was but it was quite upsetting. It was 10:45am. I decided it is quite late to be sleeping in, if I wanted to get out of bed then there’s no better time than the present.

I received a call from Sammy while I was half awake. Then I went to the bathroom. Mario called and I couldn’t get to it in time. I called him back and he didn’t pick up. We played phone tag back and forth for a bit until we finally got a hold of each other. We had a nice little chat. Apparently, Paco is back and he didn’t feel the same as he, or anyone else for that matter, thought he would. He was head over heels in love with Paco and just the other week he tells me some day they’ll be together forever. Paco came back from New York, they had a long discussion and Mario realized nothing’s the same anymore. Amazing how life turns out, huh?

I then made my way down to you know where, doing you know what? Of course, Butch and Nellie’s coffee shop. I sat there for a while working on the website and stuff and all of a sudden their wireless internet died so I was forced to go back home early.

Sammy’s sister, Stacey called while I was driving home. We had a great conversation about deformed men raping the shit out of women in The Hills Have Eyes big grin Then she told me that she’s going to give Sammy and me a flat screen TV. Holy fuck a duck! I love my sister-in-law. Actually, her husband Jon Paul is going to get it for us because I guess he works with those equipment and his boss is going to give him one. They rock! Woot!

After Sammy came home, we went to meet Stacey over mom’s place for dinner. We had swiss steak, veggies and mash potatoes. Then mom, Sammy and I watched “I Heart Huckabees” and that was one weird, stupid ass movie. It made sense, but then it didn’t make sense. Mom hated it. Throughout the movie she was all like WTF?!!! WTF?!! WTF?!!! LOL

Sammy was falling asleep so I drove home. He slept instantly when he got in the car. As I was driving home, I noticed all these cars zooming on by and I realized that I’m doing the speed limit. I’ve been doing the speed limit since we got the new car. I started to think to myself: “Am I doing the speed limit because I got a new car?” or “Am I doing the speed limit because I’m slowing down and realizing that I’m no longer alone?” I think I’m more family oriented now more than I have ever been. I think subconsciously I’m realizing that the things that I do don’t affect just me, but also Sammy… My lover, my life, my partner.

Like beat sand to red clay, NYC to LA, from side walks to highways, like Yin to Yang, Sammy and I are not the same, but we are one… We are whole. He makes me a better person. He brings out the best in me.

Well… That’s all for tonight folks.